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Fogged Out

Tuesday was RD day…as in really dragging day. 

The morning was a bit rushed since I needed to be at work earlier.  I took time to snap a picture of my lunch since a work lunch hasn’t been captured on here yet.  I packed leftover pasta, the remaining 1/2 cup yogurt, granola, strawberries, a jazz apple, a granola bar, and a white tea bag.  I always take more than what I’ll end up eating because I hate when I’m hungry at work with no food.

I was in a fog all day.  Easter weekend made me so tired.  Was it all the joyriding?  I don’t like being in a fog ever, but especially not during work since I work at a hospital.  By 2pm I needed a cup of coffee.

It helped a little.  I made it through my wellness class.  I think I may have talked even faster than usual during my presentation.  This is something I try to work on every day-must talk  s l o w e r.  I’m not sure if I completely won them over with my vegetable recipes.  The roasted Brussels sprouts may have scared them off.  Rookie mistake.

Spring in Northern Illinois has been very wet so far.  Soup and sandwiches are meant for these days.  After work I cooked asparagus soup and prepped sandwiches (boy assembled and cooked them).  The asparagus spears are huge right now!

By the way, I love using these for cooking.  They keep things organized and save time.

This soup is super simple to make and is rich in flavor!  The recipe calls for grated lemon zest which makes all the difference.  You can find the recipe in this book (you won’t regret this purchase).

The panini was made with whole grain bread, olive oil, white cheddar, spinach, and tomato. 

Prior to dating a Sicilian muchacho I had never had a cannoli before.  Now I can’t count how many I’ve eaten over the years.  This was leftovers from an Easter dinner.  I ate 3/4 of it while he ate the rest.

Tip: I am often asked if a certain food is good or bad.  It’s hard to give foods this label.  If you want to know if you should eat something (in any amount), ask yourself this: what food group does the item belong in?  If you hesitate to answer this, it’s probably not the best option.  Example: Cheetos, what group would you put it in? 

This tip coming after a cannoli is quite humerous.  I’d at least answer fats and sweets to quickly answer the food group question.

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