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Since I’m a working adult now, I must pretend my weekends are my summer break. 

On Saturday I ran a few errands which included a Brita filter so I will stop drinking metallic specs.  It also included an iced latte from Starbucks, paid for by my Christmas gift card that my sister gave me (I love Christmas presents being given in May).

Don’t worry, I obliged by the no shirts, no shoes, no service policy.  I returned home so I could change into my swim suit to soak up a bit of sun while reading poolside.  I can’t stay out long because I’m blessed with English/Irish genes.  I consider myself tan when I don’t blind people with my Casper white forearms.

After returning before getting burnt, I noticed that boy’s flight gets in at 7pm, not 8pm like I had been thinking all weekend.  I changed quickly and darted out the door.  I banked on entering Trader Joe’s into the GPS for the directions, but the dumb thing would only pull up Chicago Trader Joe locations.  I settled for a Whole Foods.  I picked up some almond butter and olive oil because even at Whole Foods, it is cheaper than Rockford’s prices.  I also picked up some New Glarus beer because what’s the point in going to Wisconsin if you don’t buy local beer that doesn’t distribute anywhere outside the state (oh, the other point: pick up boy from the airport)? 

I picked up boy from the airport (where I was just at 2 weeks ago) and we met up with my college friend/boy’s bff since kindergarten who now resides in Milwaukee.  He chose a local place, Honey Pie Cafe, that apparently has great reviews and awards.  We sat out on their back patio which I absolutely love doing at restaurants.

We all started by ordering a beer from their large beer menu.  I chose New Holland’s Full Circle since it’s the perfect summer beer.  Our server brought the beer out with playschool plastic cups.   

I ordered the asparagus salad that was topped with hard-boiled eggs, pancetta, feta, and a basil oregano vinaigrette.  The pancetta was perfect!  It left a spicy kick in my mouth once I was finished.

Boy and I decided we should try one of their delicious-looking cupcakes that they display as you enter the restaurant.  We opted for red velvet but news came back that they were sold out.  Key lime pie was our back-up choice. 

This.  Was.  Fabulous!  It wasn’t heavy and had a cinnamon and sugar subtle tasted to it.  I was ready to order another one!  I’ll be having sweet dreams about this pie for weeks.  I was 100% ok to admitting that it was better than the key lime pie that I made for Boy’s birthday!

This morning I had little on hand for breakfast, so my only option was an oat smoothie.  I got everything out and then realized I had ZERO oats at my apartment.  I begged Boy to come over with oats that I kept at his house.  I figured he deserved breakfast as well for his efforts. 

The only fruit that I had on hand were frozen bananas and a mango.  Cutting up a mango is something that we’ve struggled with.  We finally got it right this morning!

 I blended away and topped two bowls with almond butter, a dribble of maple syrup, and homemade granola while Boy enjoyed every last scrap of the mango.  More mangos will have to go on the grocery list for today.

This oat smoothie looked and tasted like summer in a bowl.  I need to plan out my next summer vacation plan for today before being confined inside for the next 5 days of work.

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