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Oh Thursday, why?

I woke up Thursday morning feeling full of energy!  It’s such an amazing feeling, especially for it being the 4th day of the work week.

I had enough energy to put these on to brighten things up.

I even wore the correct pair of shoes to work!  When I was walking into work Wednesday morning, I realized that I was wearing brown pants and black shoes.  AH!  I dialed up boy immediately and begged him to bring me my brown shoes.  He thought I was crazy but brought them anyways.

Yesterday showed a full schedule.  I enjoy this because it makes my day fly by!  It also lets me rack up diabetes hours that will go towards getting my CDE.

By 3pm, I was drained.  And then I was drowning in charts that needed to be completed.  Thank heavens for my small, quick fingers! 

By the way, day 4 and no JC sighting!

I had great intentions of going on a run after work.  I walked outside and was blown away by cold, harsh wind. 

The Mizunos were given the day’s rest but this magical stick, THE STICK, was put to use. 

This magnificent device works out the kinks in my IT band like nothing else.  Combining this with stretches has done wonders for my injured knee.  Visit here to check them out.  They’re well worth your money!  I have the travel size one and it’s the perfect size.  A few personal testimonies, 1 co-worker bought one for her runner daughter who has injuries after checking mine out; and boy noticed I take it with me to work becuase he was hunting for it one day.  Buy one today.

A relaxing night was in order after my busy work day.  This was all I wanted.  Bear and American Wife. 

And that’s what I did.

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